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Flower Regulations



Flower Regulations

Effective November 15, 2016


Please help to keep Calvary Cemetery

Blair County’s Most Beautiful Cemetery


  • Approximately once monthly during the mowing season, unsightly fresh or artificial arrangements and prohibited items will be removed.
  • All artificial items placed directly on or in the ground (including but not limited to garden flags, statues, solar lights, pinwheels, stepping stones, and garden rocks) are prohibited and will be removed.  Exception:  Veteran Flags and holders will remain until after Veterans’ day.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove any fresh or artificial arrangement as soon as, in the judgment of the cemetery, the item(s) become unsightly.
  • The cemetery reserves the right to remove any item that does not meet the regulations without prior notification.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for damage done during the removal of prohibited items.




DEC. 1 – FEB. 15

  • Winter fresh and artificial arrangements, wreaths, and trees are permitted.


FEB. 16 – FEB. 28 weather permitting

  • Clean-up of ALL winter arrangements.


MAR. 1 – MAY 19

  • Spring bulbs (will be trimmed when done blooming), fresh potted flowers, and silks in permanent in-ground vases are permitted. Easter and Mother’s Day arrangements are also permitted. Annuals planted within 12 inches on grave side of stone, planter boxes, and fresh flower baskets are permitted.


MAY 20 – MAY 30 – weather permitting

  • Clean-up of ALL Easter and Mother’s Day arrangements.


SEP. 1 – NOV. 30

  • Fall fresh flowers and silk arrangements in permanent in-ground vases permitted.


SEP. 15 – weather permitting

  •         Clean-up of ALL summer and Memorial Day artificial arrangements.


NOV. 30 - weather permitting

  • Clean-up of ALL fresh flowers and fall silk arrangements.



  • Planting trees, shrubs, evergreens, bushes, or perennial plants without the knowledge, approval or payment of the one-time shrub maintenance fee is prohibited.
  • Any edging, borders, fences, or enclosures are prohibited.
  • Placing garden stones, concrete, iron, wooden, glass, plastic and/or paper objects on any grave site or monument is prohibited.
  • Placing rock chips, glass chips/beads, and large bark chips around the monument is also prohibited.
  • Any artificial item placed directly in or on the ground from MARCH 1 to NOVEMBER 30 is prohibited. These items become safety hazards to our staff and visitors and are prohibited during the mowing seasons.



  • Calvary Cemetery will not assume responsibility for flowers or arrangements that are missing or stolen once placed.
  • All floral arrangements, unless removed by those lawfully entitled to them within the required time, may be removed and disposed of by the cemetery in a suitable manner without prior notification.
  • Calvary Cemetery will not be responsible for damages caused by inclement weather including but not limited to… frost, flooding, and/or drought.
  • Calvary Cemetery will not be responsible for any flowers, shrubs, or plantings eaten or damaged in any way by wildlife, including but not limited to… deer, rabbits, and squirrels.
  • Watering and weeding of fresh flowers is the responsibility of the lot owner.
  • It is strongly recommended that all flowers and arrangements be removed before the stated clean-up dates. The clean-up dates are weather-dependent. In the case of inclement weather, the clean-up will be done as soon as possible thereafter.
  • Items with sentimental or monetary value should not be placed on graves.
  • Wiring, taping, or gluing items to a monument will not prevent the removal of those items.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged flags or flag holders.
  • All American flags will be removed after Veterans Day on Nov 30th.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for any damage done to monuments caused by the placement or removal of floral saddles.


Please understand that it is never the intention of Calvary Cemetery to hurt the feelings of anyone placing items for their loved ones.  The regulations are in place to protect the groundskeepers and visitors. 


Calvary Cemetery’s staff strives to maintain the appearance of the cemetery year round. No preference is shown to any particular lot owners, nor are any lot owners discriminated against.






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