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Plan Ahead


The Plan Ahead Concept of Calvary Cemetery

"A Gift to the Living - From the Living"



Know the Facts:

  • The death of a loved one is a tragedy every household experiences.
  • Most families will find themselves poorly prepared to deal with the problems, indecision, and costs that a death forces on them.
  • The decision to plan ahead for your cemetery needs today is very economically sound, although the best reasons to plan ahead are love & peace of mind!

Know the Benefits:

  • Togetherness: A husband and wife can share their choices and decide together, giving both peace of mind, knowing the decision you make will far outweigh any reluctance you may have had making your decision today
  • Satisfaction: Personally selecting the type of burial property and services that you prefer, assures that your own wishes will be met!
  • Price Freezing: Based on the last five decades, we know the cost of cemetery arrangements will continue to rise. Planning ahead freezes the costs at today's prices - you will never pay any more!
  • Conserves Insurance: Life insurance is for the living, not the deceased. Its purpose is to provide the family time to adjust to the income loss when a death occurs. If pre-arrangements are not made, a large amount of the policy proceeds will be spent on funeral items adding to the financial burdens to the loved ones left behind.
  • Payments: Cemetery costs are expenses that every individual must eventually pay. While planning ahead, needs can be easily met out of today's income, through budgeted, affordable payments. Payment at the time of death is traditionally made on a "Cash Now" basis.

Know the Choices:

  • Pre-Need: You can plan ahead for your cemetery needs now, comfortably, conveniently and affordably before death enters your home.
  • At-Need: You can wait until a death forces you to face these decisions all at once, frantically and under financial constraint.





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Calvary Cemetery - Blair County's most beautiful cemetery


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