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Endowment Program & Perpetual Care




What is the Endowment Fund?


The Calvary Cemetery Endowment Fund is a method by which benefactors may make a tax-deductible contribution to the cemetery.


Is the Endowment Fund the same as Perpetual Care?


No, the Endowment Fund is not the same as perpetual care. The perpetual care fund is made up of a portion of each sale of cemetery burial property, which is placed in a trust fund for the perpetual care and maintenance of the cemetery. The cemetery may use the income only, for the maintenance of the cemetery. The endowment fund is a separate fund, established by the contributions of individuals, for the ongoing maintenance and beautification of the cemetery, or for the purpose specified by the donor.


Why does Calvary Cemetery have an Endowment Fund?


Calvary Cemetery has established a high standard for maintenance and beautification of the cemetery. The endowment fund was established to assure that the cemetery will be maintained as well in the future as it is today. The costs of running a cemetery are constantly increasing. Calvary Cemetery wants to assure lot owners and their families that the cemetery will never compromise the current level of care due to inadequate financial means.


What Costs are there to Operating a Cemetery?


The costs are many. There are approximately 65 developed acres in the cemetery. These must be mowed and trimmed at least once per week during the summer. Grass is fertilized and re-seeded as necessary. Flower beds are planted and weeded. There are approximately 6 miles of roads to keep in good repair in summer and plowed and salted in winter. Monuments are leveled each spring. Shrubbery and trees are kept trimmed. Equipment must be maintained, and replaced periodically. The cemetery office maintains a record of each person buried at Calvary and is responsible for daily cemetery operations. Staff is available to answer questions and assist visitors to locate graves. There are legally-required taxes and insurance. This all adds up to quite a large expense, and these costs are constantly increasing.


How can I contribute to the Fund?


You may make a contribution to the cemetery, either in your name or in memory of a loved one. There are many featured areas, both developed and planned, which can be designated in commemoriation of an individual. You may also establish a flower endowment, have a tree planted, purchase a bench, a feature plaque or statue, dedicate a portion of a roadway, or have your contribution acknowledged on a plaque in the chapel mausoleum.


Can I remember Calvary Cemetery in my will?


People often make provisions in their will to endow the cemetery upon their death. The financial needs of a cemetery last well beyond a lifetime. We are grateful to those who continue to show their support of the cemetery through generous contributions. Please feel free to contact us to make your tax deductible contribution today! Thank you!




Perpetual Care is interpreted by PA State Law to be a service which preserves the lots and grounds, repairs, and renews the buildings and property connected with and forming part of the cemetery. Each time a lot or crypt space is purchased, a perpetual care fee is included. The cemetery then has the obligation to prudently invest these funds and use the resulting income to maintain the grounds.




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