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Burial Arrangements



Selecting the type of Cemetery property that you prefer is a personal decision, but one that should be thought out in advance. Most people have very strong feelings concerning how they wish to be buried, but don't necessarily know what to do next.


The best way to start is to just talk! Have the conversation with your loved ones. It's easier than you think. Begin by discussing your preferences concerning the different types of burial.


The choice you make will depend greatly on your religious beliefs, your cultural customs and of course, your financial circumstances.


Please view below some of our burial options.


Traditional In-Ground Burial


Traditional in-ground burial is historically the preference of most Americans. Loved ones that have passed, rest in a casket that is placed into a vault in the earth. A monument is then placed not only to memorialize the life of your loved one, but to act as a physical reminder of the love you shared.


Mausoluem Entombment


Once reserved for royalty, Mausoleum crypts are today's most chosen form of burial. Mausoleum crypts are often less expensive when compared to the total cost of in-ground burials, because vaults and monuments are not needed. Mausoleum spaces are clean, dry and ventilated so that your loved ones are sheltered from the harsh elements of the earth.





The Cremation Association of North America reports that the national cremation rate will rise to over 54.3% by the year 2020! Often times the romanticized notion of scattering your loved ones' remains is thought of during such an emotional time. However, placing your loved ones' in a cemetery allows for a permanent and safe place to memorialize and reflect on the life you shared.


Calvary Cemetery has different options to meet your cremation burial needs. In-ground burial as well as Mausoleum or Columbarium entombment are both excellent options that are available. Regardless of your preference for burial, keep in mind that choosing cremation does not mean doing away with the traditions that help us move forward.

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Calvary Cemetery - Blair County's most beautiful cemetery


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